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  • Ahmena, Help us congratulate our assistant editor! Who just graduated 😍 Congrats @misfitzain we’re lucky to have you as part of the Ahmena Team 💪🏾 Huge congrats to all the other graduates too ❤️ Please send us or tag us on images of you and your friends at your graduation day for a chance to be featured 🎊
  • Ladies what’s your favorite “sporty” activity? Or what’s one thing you’d like to try next year? We love this shot of @ladybrixio 💪🏾😍 #ahmena #ahmenadotcom
  • "One day when I personally asked the guard why I need to wear a khanga to go inside this building, he replied,”so that you don’t entice the male workers at this building”.., You might have been to one or more places where your character was judged just from what you wore. 
@mankichka is on the site talking all things dress codes in Tanzania. You might want to click the link on our bio to hear her story.
  • Insta tales: Don’t come for me, unless I send for you! 
We have a new #LifeVent on the site talking about how people come into your DMs being disrespectful 😩 read all about it on 
Has this ever happened to you? Tell us your insta tales on the comment section!
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