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4 things a beauty lover can do to save the environment.

4 things a beauty lover can do to save the environment.

Turtles in the Atlantic, Polar bears and Global warming, we have heard it all. This pandemic has shown the consequences of our own actions, we should perhaps take time to reflect on our part in caring for the environment. With the beauty industry being such a growing industry, how can you a beautiful human play your part in reducing waste and pollution in general?

1.Use reusable make up remover wipes

How many pads are needed to clean a day’s face of make up or simply cleaning your face with a cleanser or rose water (a personal favorite)  The answer is different for different people. The constant however is that we throw them away afterwards and then buy other ones and then throw them again and then you know, the Ferris wheel continues. Anything reusable has two advantages, it’s cost effective and reduces waste production from fuel burnt in it’s production or destruction. You can make these reusable wipes at home from old soft clothes and wash them over the weekend for the next week’s conquest.

2. Use shampoo bars

Plastics are a culprit y’all. And so, if with every purchase comes a new plastic bottle that will remain in the environment long after our pathetic existence has seized, we can only imagine. The poor ducks, fish, dolphins and uninstagramable pictures of future generations (a bit grandiose) near plastic heaps of non-biodegradable waste and polluted Bongoyos. Shampoo bars are a win because they come to you naked and when they are over, they leave no trace in the environment. 

3. Use kitchen supplies beauty

This is good for the environment, you and your pockets. Not so much for your white tee-shirts (☹) Coffee scrubs over store bought one with them plastic beads that cause micro abrasions (small small tears that will cause scaring) in the skin and end up in the ocean, turmeric, honey, tomato. (or is it Tomero?) Switching from store bought to using ingredients you already have in your kitchen cabinet will reduce your carbon foot print (the amount of carbon dioxide generated from your activities.)

4. Buying from ecofriendly beauty brands

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At this point you are probably exhausted, carbon what? I have to wipe my face with my promotion t shirt? Tomero for my face? If this all seems too much, take it slow. Make small transitions to clean beauty as you continue to educate yourself. Buying from clean and natural beauty businesses is a sure way to hop on the #savetheearth train, these do all the above and more for you.

Some honourable mentions on natural beauty brands in Tanzania and Kenya include,, Afrothecary, Swahilisoaps, Nuya Essence, Snasnaturals. These are some places where you can buy some of these products mentioned above.

Have a great time #SavingtheEarth.

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