A letter from the Editor: Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

It’s been two years since I launched Ahmena.com -> @ahmenadotcom

an online platform for women by women!


Gratitude is definitely an understatement of what I feel to every one who made this platform what it is today. The amazing readers, the very talented and passionate contributors and writers and the small but amazing Ahmena team! @misfitzain ( THANK YOU for being the best Assistant editor and social media when I couldn’t do it because of other commitments you are always there to handle things!) @twenties_co @jamillahkhamis @reyz_runway @lurvie__ I appreciate you my writers for being part of the team and not asking for much I promise you this time next year, we will be doing bigger and greater things. 

To all the readers; 

Thank you! thank you so much for taking this beautiful ride with us and sharing our articles and your feedback it’s the reason we do it. For all the women who are inspired by what we put out, this new year we’re going to do more, i and the whole team owe you that.


I’m extremely excited for the new beginning and what I have prepared just watch this space!  This baby of mine is going to thrive and  i pray that everyone who’s part of it does too.Thank you, from the deepest part of my heart. This is easily my biggest achievement and something I hold dear so if you know me you know how much I’ll do everything to my best of abilities to make sure it’s the best!


Love and lights always.

Jacqueline Sakrii Terry




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