Hello!I am a big fan :), So I will just go straight to the point, I feel like my friend i used to know since high school is competing with me she never gives me good compliments in anything that¬† i do, she will just wrap the compliment in a sarcastic way and everything i do she tries to do it and show me she can do it better (in an indirect way) its kind of disappointing and hurtful because i always tell her positive response in anything she does (whether it is good or bad) and I am not competing with anyone, it has reached the point that i don’t even share any of my plans or success with anyone let alone even showing it in social media just to avoid unnecessary competitions. It makes me question myself if she really is my friend or just someone i went to high school?! And if she is my friend (going back to my question) HOW CAN I DEAL WITH A FRIEND WHO IS ALWAYS COMPETING WITH ME?

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