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Being a Side Chic

Whether he is married, dating some other woman. We as women/girls may or may not hold the notion that “aaah, I will make him mine..he will fall for me and maybe leave her

Ever been in a triangle of you (the side chic), the girlfriend and the baby mother??We truly are stubborn women. Its all fun and games at first..he makes you laugh.The adrenaline of sneaking around and having that sexual tension that only you and him understand. The random meet ups at some hotel, some bar, the club. Secret get aways to Zanzibar, Dubai, you name it. And on top of it all, the sex is out of this world.

All this goes south when “we’ yes, normally it’s the girl who falls hard and starts “demanding’. And that is where, my girls, we go wrong. They (Him) know the right buttons to press, the right words to say. You can be the strong side if you know why exactly you’re in this position. Whether it’s for the money, a distraction from your own relationship or just for curiosity reasons. That’s alright…well as long as y’all are careful and don’t get caught 😉

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Well some strong sides have managed to take the main chic position or get “wifed” up even. Who knows how it was planned for you to meet your soulmate?

Be the strong side..but don’t lose your way. Now, I am in no way advising you to go ahead and be a side chic but I am talking to the ones who have been or side chics as they are reading this, know when to stay and when to pack up and leave darling!

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  • Honestly this is bs. You re erasing from the equation the home or innocent person that u are hurting by being complicit. And all because what? You ve got no standards? Why are we encouraging women to hurt other women? For what? To get some? Is there not enough single men out there? do you really want to get upgraded to “wifey” by some guy who s capable of leadin a double life and betraying their spouse without remorse? Have higher standards for yourself and you ll get better. Settle for crap and you ll get crap. You get what you deserve!

    • Hello Anne..
      Thank you for your insightful opinions.
      The piece in no way condemns nor ignores the existence of the other party involved.
      This piece reflects the un-addressed topic on the coin
      Seeing that condemning nor fighting “sides” never really help
      maybe this piece aims at a reverse psychology tactic?
      Mind you, sometimes it happens not to hurt the other women; biology, chemistry, economics, geography can all be a reason to this happening (but that’s another article to read 🙂 )
      If you read between the lines, you will understand that this piece aims at advising the “sides” to “wake up” and realize what’s worth and what isn’t..
      through using a “language” that they understand…
      Soon, ahmena will address the other side of the coin..stay tuned!
      Thank you for reading and visiting our content!

  • I think that we like to put out this narrative of women supporting women but thats only when it does not affect your self interest. As humans we have become so egocentric and self centered that we re willing to lie to ourselves and make excuses for toxic behavior or hurtful behavior towards others. We shouldnt express indifference towards a “side chick” friend who feels no guilt towards the innocent party in their mess or refuses to accept responsibility for their part in hurting another human being who is basically an unwilling participant in their fckery. It is pure cowardice. And if they do feel guilt, it is not enough if they continue to turn a blind eye. There is consequences for people stealing or causing harm to material things but we basically shrug at affairs that wreck homes and souls. We, culturally, justify it and glamorize it. (Trip to znz or dubai? Economic reasons? Just plain horny and the sex is fantastic?)
    I think we should condemn such selfish and self centered behavior. Because it is basically of the worst of human behavior, all at once.
    It is not about stopping the cheating per se. That, my friend, can only be stopped by the partner or spouse setting the boundaries or demanding the respect they expect and know they deserve. But we should not label it as normal or elevate it. It is basically partner and affair partner behaving as trash. But in the end, you get what you deserve. You can demand change or leave a cheating spouse. Or stay. As for the side chick? I suppose that someone who is participant in hurting another human being in such a manner deserves settling for some else s crumbs, hiding in hotels & spending their holidays alone. In the end, you get whatever it is you re aspiring for.

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