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Ditch the Dera

Ditch the Dera

These are uncertain times we are in. It feels unreal and far fetched but it is. We are in the midst of a pandemic and as we work to flatten the transmission curve and protect ourselves and other people, some of us are staying home.

The hurdles of teaching toddlers , arguments on what day it is ,craving some ocean and unlimited human contact have been real. I have also realized some really comfy outfits to stay in apart from the dera .

1. Tights

Where have I been all my life? Tights are the most comfortable and lightweight attire i have come across during this time. It literally feels like you have nothing on . Pair it with a oversized tee or tank top and go around conquering the day.

2. Slip dresses

For some fancy vibes, a slip dress is unmatched. Remind your partner on what they will be missing lest they don’t protect themselves with a sexy slip dress .Remind yourself that you are still a sexy bad girl ( even though your hair hasn’t seen the outside of that bonnet) with a dope slip dress and some delicious wine.

3. Pyjamas

For those of us who are always buying “going out” clothes, we have learned our lesson. Enjoy your pyjama assortment by wearing them to the sitting room and the balcony and the kitchen. Try different combos such as with tops and shorts and you just might discover ways to wear your pyjamas when all this is over.

Share with us on our instagram @ahmenadotcom how you’re dressed staying at home, we would love to see that 😉

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