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Friendships after Mid 20s

Friendships after Mid 20s

Having a bond with someone for over a year is no joke. Imagine having to deal with two, five, fifteen people and to call them “friends”.

In my 30yrs of age, I have realised actual true friendship “commitment” starts from your mid 20s going up. By early 20’s we are all discovering ourselves, our sexuality, relationships, aspirations and by having one or two people to talk to helps.

In your late 20s life starts, break ups, financial issues, jobs seeking, your connects turn into friendship. Keeping the bond intact is the tricky part and there are no short cuts nor hat tricks on this, we are all human and as much as we love someone or have close relationships with some, arguments, misunderstandings are bound to happen

“If we fighting then there’s definitely some love there” and thats when one needs to know what kind of conflict resolution technique are you in the group of friends; shy away from conflict? Or tackle disputes head on.

Being on a group say Whatsapp, It can be conflicting at times especially with strong headed and opinions like my group of friends. I can’t tell you how many times i have had the “how do you manage 8 Friends?” “they’re not your family”, “what do you guys even talk about?” aren’t you scared your business will be in the streets?”

My basic response would be that what keeps us/me going for almost 3/4yrs now it’s the understanding of “why our friendship” is important.

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Friendship is like any vessel, It needs maintenance, upgrading, ”using” and utilizing.

Maintenance: Talking, Settling Disputes
Upgrading: Doing something new (travel, dine out)
Using: The connections you have in the circle
Utilizing: The time and love in the relationship..

The love you give in any relationship may or may not be reciprocated therefore choose your vessels crew wisely!

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