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My first tampon experience

I can not believe it took me almost 10-12 years since I started my periods to try on a tampon. All it took is for me to be in a thong and a semi see through figure hugging dress at work to go ahead and try one. 12 years of always thinking tampons are for wyt people or it was one of those things I will never have to EVER do .

The first day of my period is always a very light flow so I opted for it because well truthfully I had no option rather than using a tampon than going to buy a whole new black pant because of my dress and thong situation as well as the fact I was already annoyed my period came in three days early.

So after asking two of my friends, one who wears tampons daily and one who has worn one before I was safe to go ahead and try it out. I bought a box of tampons (no one told me that the packing inside is extremely colourful on some brands ) so I went to the washroom, GOOGLED my way through how to wear one and did it , washed my hands and walked back to the office.

I felt a lot of discomfort for awhile because it was obviously my first time having something inserted into my vagina and walk around with it ( I am sure there’s a joke here but I will let it slide… hehe get it?) okay okay back to serious matters, now I went back to the office sat down and got back to work but asked my friend ( who uses it monthly ) if it’s okay to feel abit of discomfort and she explained that I am not supposed to feel a thing at all and if I can feel it’s inside of me that means I did not insert it deep enough ( so many dirty jokes here )

I could not come and kill myself to go back to the washroom and insert it deeper so I went on with my day until when I had to go pee. I found it weird peeing while something is inside my vagina ( by the way how old were you when you found out how many holes are down there and that they’re actually three different holes?… TMI? anyway that’s a story for another day. ) So I went ahead and peed and removed the tampon so I could change it because it was slightly uncomfortable after peeing so I inserted a new one and this time I made sure it went in DEEP. And let me tell you ladies after that, I did not feel a THING until I had to go remove it later that evening.

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I am on day two and I am back to wearing pads because I have a heavy flow during day 2 and 3. I was not up on testing something new that might eventually lead me to be cautions all day. I will say though, I was very skeptical about wearing a tampon for the first time but my first experience was great and it was highly needed especially on days you are just trying to wear an outfit and not be worried about a pad showing as well as the fact that you can barely feel it makes it a great alternative to have. I will most definitely be wearing it on the first day and on the last days where the flow is not heavy for me.

When it comes to “women” related questions I usually do my googles and ask my friends (the beauty of having female friends is endless) I asked them about their experience with tampons and if they prefer it to pads . Below are some of the replies on their experiences, I would love to hear from YOU what was your first experience with tampons? have you ever tried one? Please share on the comment section below or on our social media accounts and tag us @ahmenadotcom

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  • There are tampons that have applicators making it easier to insert tampons and to the perfect location in your vagina so it’s not too deep and also not too low that if you pee it would get soaked(learned that the hard way lol) But I think what’s important is whatever people are comfortable with !! Great article! and I love the screenshots haha! Good to hear different perspectives

    • Thank you so much for your feedback on this and yes it’s so great getting perspectives from different women. In a thousand years I never thought I would use one, and here we are.

    • This is totally fine, that was me until I tried it. But I can surely say I don’t think it is everyone’s cup of tea especially if you are used to pads.

      P:S Thank you for reading <3

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