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New Column: Ask ahmena.

New Column: Ask ahmena.

We introduce to you a new column on ahmena called “Ask ahmena” A column that is dedicated to help you answer all your questions in the best way we can PLUS you can choose to ask anonymously too incase you would prefer that. Our small team is trustworthy and will do our very best to help answer your questions and dilemmas, as well as have our readers comment and be a part of it.

Sometimes we all want someone we do not know personally to ask questions right? Whether it is career related, period related questions, Motherhood, friendship dilemmas, relationship advice and situation-ships, lifestyle choices and so much more. That’s why we are introducing this column for You and US and our readers to help each other out in the best way we can.

We can’t wait to start answering your dilemmas and have this community be a part of it. PLEASE share this with a friend or two and your followers on your social platforms. Thank You!

Start asking here -> ask ahmena.

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