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The funny thing they don’t tell you about blemishes

Ever had that blemish that wouldn’t stop torturing your aesthetic no matter what DYI concoction you came up? It doesn’t matter how many dollar signs you throw at your face, that damned nuisance just wont budge.

You’re tired, and you’ve tried everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, and you’re about to give up, but I’m here to stop you before you do. We are on the same boat, and believe you me I completely understand you, my skin is something I’ve been struggling with ever since I was 16. What started off as an annoying lone blemish on my cheek in high school graduated to a good dozen by the end of my undergrad. Since then I’ve won some battles, but never the war. The war still ensues, so don’t lose hope, I haven’t thrown down my sword, and  you shouldn’t either.

“Knowing the real enemy is half the battle” – Sun Tzu 

So I’m going to do something I wish someone had done for me when I was living in ignorance, I’m going to bless you with some gems 🙂 Sun Tzu wasn’t lying when he said the quote above, no fight is ever won when you’re blind to your attacker. You’d be surprised how often people go in for the kill, shooting now and asking questions later. Spare yourself the long-term damage to your skin by leaving that poor thing alone until you know what caused it in the first place. Remember, the pimple is not the culprit but the victim It could be something as simple as what you ate, or something as complex as your hormones.  Knowing the culprit will save you the headache and the dollars – which will probably give you another headache. 

Here are your primary suspects that cause blemishes

  • Hormone related
    1. Acne 
      • Whiteheads
      • Blackheads
      • Papules
      • Pustules
      • Cysts
      •  Nodules
    2. Ingrown hair
      • Folliculitis
  • Diet
  • Hygiene 

It’s also a plus when you know your skin type ( Dry, Normal, Combination, Oily, Sensitive) being that it is your largest organ,  making sure you know it’s ins and outs will guarantee success. Now some people fit in just one category, if you’re like me you fit into three, it’s a mess I know, but there’s a way around it. Another thing to note good people, is that unfortunately, as unfair as it may seem, us the oily-skinned humans are more prone to breakouts that lead to blemishes than our luckier counterparts.

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The oily-skinned humans are more prone to breakouts that lead to blemishes than our luckier counterparts Click To Tweet

 So what is the point of this article? Well, I wanted us to start at the beginning so we could go on this journey together. I want you to take a seat and think about what’s really making you breakout. There is no ONE way to treat skin, it takes a lot of experiments and A LOT of patience, and in my next article I’ll be giving you all a list of products that I think work best for different skin types, along with educating you on the different scar types. 

Until next time. 


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