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Romance Fatigue Is Real

Romance Fatigue Is Real

In 2018 I wrote an article called “Why we all have romance fatigue“, I received an overwhelming response with people agreeing to it.

I remember writing that article on a whim, one lazy afternoon in the depths of unemployment and another failed situationship while I indulged in a doobie-ous activity. That got me thinking why do we bother with these relationships? They are exhausting and the payoff is mediocre at best, surely this isn’t the “Love affairs” that RnB songs prepared us for? This is the actual GHETTO.

Let me explain.. Imagine this, you meet a cute individual, you like what you see, you exchange contacts and start DMing or Texting or (even more rarely) you go on a date! After a few days of this, you are tired, you don’t actually want this person around,  you want to hibernate again. 

Your dormant baggage has reared its ugly head, you can’t be bothered to go through another “talking stage”. A subsection of the dating ghetto, where the prospect of passionate love goes to die. No, that’s not a road you want to go down again. So back to scheduled programming, single and ready to pretend to mingle. 

People with Romance Fatigue may seem available but in truth the capacity to date and invest time and effort in another human being is limited. 

Since the 2018 article, I have tried dating intentionally, tried to be a patience and interested party but to no avail. For a while, I had to ask “could it be me?”. And in many ways it is, I have baggage and I lack patience and trust in people but more importantly, there are soo many other people that feel this way. The main response to my first article was “Finally someone said this! I feel the same way”. So I believe that there is something here.

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Modern life exhausts us in a way that leaves no room for fulfilling long-term relationships unless someone truly special comes long.


Unfortunately, that takes work as well. I’m hoping it works out for me and I hope it works out for all of you as well.

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