What to wear for Casual Fridays at Work.


The best part about friday besides it being the beginning of the weekend is dressing up casually for work and by that it means wearing your favourite pair of jeans and basically being able to transition from work to “after work outing” without looking like you do not belong at happy hour or whatever you like doing on friday evenings. Me? i like dancing alone at home or binge watch living single.


So below are several casual friday outfit inspo for you to try on this coming week, and remember heels  or flats , it does not matter just find a balance of looking both casual yet official and chic.


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  1. what about thick ladies? please give us tips

    • You can actually wear almost everything there, the size of your body doesn't mean you have to limit yourself on what to wear. If you need more help do let us know i will do a special feature on it or update it.

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