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When are YOU getting married?

Another whatsapp status update…”My girl’s getting maaarried”…almost instantly, a familiar text buzz goes off..

Mama: ooh congrats to her, waiting for yours now ­čÖé┬áMe:┬áhaha yeah… puts the phone down, 2 more minutes┬áMama: You’re always posting others proposals and weddings, when is your’s lady? *rolls eyes*┬áMe: When “they” are ready to propose, and just before i put down my phone almost instantly i get “don’t be too choosy!” text.

All so familiar, It feels like we are operating in a timed bomb schedule that if we don’t react soon enough we’d blow up when its “too late”. Yeah we say, It doesn’t bother us, I am good, that it’s just background noise but once you listen to the same song over and over again, you tend to learn the lyrics by heart, then bisect every meaning of engulfed in the song. You start believing and relating to every word that “oh, i might be too late…am i wasting time? am i looking for an in existent goal”

Are we to succumb to societal pressure and mediocre weddings instead of marriages? Click To Tweet

I remember a few years back, a friend of mine told me “if you’re not married or in a stable relationship by 30, then there is definitely something wrong with you” i am, at 31 years, no gold band on my finger ­čÖé This statement haunts me to this day.

But was she right? Are they all right to some point? Is society right to expect this from us in a time scale? Are we to succumb to societal pressure and mediocre weddings instead of marriages?

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We have soo much going on in our lives beloveds, we have these thoughts when we lay down at night, it doesn’t help waking up to the same taunting questions that kept you up at the night before. Dear friends, mothers, aunties and relatives and the whole “WheN aRE yOu geTtiNg maRRied” crew. So let’s stop that silly question please beloveds.

I love LOVE, It may not be within YOUR time schedule or maybe not in this life but when it’s right, it will be….hums *never worn white – Katy Perry*

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