First, it is not black. Sis!


Like every beauty enthusiast (and the true product hoarder that I am) I gave in to the black soap hype and got myself a bar of the Ghanaian black soap a friend was selling (Hello Side hustles). I was a bit disappointed with the size but after learning that a little piece dissolved in water goes a long way I was relieved (not even a half of it is gone four months later) gurlll!!!!


Did I mention I am a hoarder? Did I also mention I started glowing and getting compliments about my skin?
So, a week ago I bought Dudu Osun, a Nigerian black soap brand just because. Contrary to the first black soap, it had a smell common in locally produced soaps.


So I dug deep and found four facts about the African black soap.

First, it is not black. Sis! Click To Tweet

  • It has been used over a century in Ghana  as a natural remedy for skin infections.

The raw unprocessed black soap was used by traditional healers and the recipe was preserved and only passed on between them.

A moment of silence to the snitch who leaked it. (A reminder of why you should always mind your circle http://ahmena.com/types-of-friends-you-dont-need/)

  • It is alkaline  

 Just like increasingly famous Bentonite clay mask the alkaline nature (in it’s diluted form when used sparingly) allows it to erase acne spots, fade scars and can therefore be used as a cleanser.

  • The variations of the original soap in the market mean something

Especially if you have allergies. The Industrial preparations of the black soap include essential oils like palm oil, coconut oil and more. If you have an allergies or reactions and are aware of the products you react to, you should read ingredients list before shit happens.

  • It is the true Jack of all trades

A cleanser, shampoo, scrub, make up remover and body wash All that in one. strong raw black soap can dry your skin (great if you have oily skin until your skin starts compensating by producing more oil) and even cause more break outs. Mixing it with water helps to dilute making it gentle on your skin and hair.

What has been your experience with the African black soap? Do you sell it then shoot us an email to be featured on our socials “info@ahmena.com”


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