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Head wraps are a great saviours for bad hair days for some of us and a must wear for others. While covering your hair is the goal, you do not want to look old & boring doing that. So below are four tips that will keep your headwrap game stronger than ever.

1. Material Matters

The best material is the stretch kind . They stay fixed where they are and a great for wrap styles. Cotton is next and chiffon fabric can be the real nightmare and don’t get me started on silk i mean it’s beautiful and all but see the way it’s slippery one can wonder how some of you ladies manage to make it all wrapped up beautifully.

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The quality of all however is also more important and remember head wraps should also not be necessarily expensive you can make means with what you already have like a piece of your Khanga or kitenge.


2. Fill it up

Unless you have braids or big hair to go with the volume of the headwrap you are going with, feel free to stuff a cloth beneath your cap. Some of the head wrap styles don’t necessarily require you to have volume but it you are looking for fuller looking head wrap style try filing it up with one layer of head wrap first.

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3. Keep it tight

Now don’t go unconcious tightening your head wrap, but loose headwraps look really bad and they might fall off at any time especially when you take public transport or you are on a crowded space and someone touches your head… Imagine and it’s you on your bad hair day.  This is why stretch & cotton fabrics are the best sometimes to hold things intact.

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4. Fix ya face

Okay i am not telling you to go extra and all, I remember my friend once said ” a headwrap without lipstick is like a bedsheet on your head” Glam up your looks with great set of earrings statement pieces preferably like big hoops  and a bit of makeup to add some Boujee-ness on your look.


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