A Simple Guide to Meditating At Home


With how our schedules are set up, meditation might sound like a time consuming luxury, but it’s not. Meditating is simply trying to hush the voices in your head and calming your mind. It’s celebrated for it’s endless benefits that widely revolve around reducing stress and anxiety, encouraging a healthier lifestyle, increased concentration and alertness, promoting self awareness and shedding spotlight to key trigger issues you might be facing.

You don’t need to trek the highest mountains of China or hide in the deepest valleys to attain a successful session, because you can do it right there in the comfort of your home.

Here’s a simple 101 guide for beginners at home

  1. What you need

Scout for a tranquil spot in your house and let that be your meditation zone. You will need a chair or cushion that will allow you to sit upright, so avoid slouching couches. You could also sit on your bed, a bench, yoga mat, on the floor (although this in long periods will prove uncomfortable), etc.

Get a timer to guide you when your session begins and ends. I recommend that you utilize your phone’s in-built timer, as not only is it easy to use but you can pick out a smooth alert tone to end your session. Better yet, get meditation apps like the Insight timer meditation app available for androids and iPhone, although not necessary, it will provide you with countless ways to make your experience even smoother and pleasant

  1. Getting comfortable

After setting up your meditation zone, get comfortable. Sit in an upright posture, making sure that your back is straight and avoid resting your back on the chair. You will notice that the more you straighten your back, the further drawn out your chest is and breathing is now easier and relaxed. You could choose to place  your legs crossed on top of another if you’re seated on a cushion/ grass etc or  over or if you’re on a chair just sit upright and place your legs in whatever way that makes you comfortable.

Place your hands on your legs infront of you, again in a manner that you find is easy to work with. You can rest your palms on your thighs or form a circle with your two fingers. Whatever works for you.

Empty your bladder before meditation. In the spirit of getting comfortable, you would want to be in your best form without feeling rushed to use the toilet as this in itself will distract your routine. Click To Tweet

                 Empty your bladder before meditation. In the spirit of getting comfortable, you would want to be in your best form without feeling rushed to use the toilet as this in itself will distract your routine.

  1. What to do

After getting comfortable, now set your timer. As a beginner, it’s advised to start slow and build up from there. Set your timer to 5 minutes daily, and as you will be able to see in the future, you’ll slowly begin to ease into things and last longer than the beginner 5 minutes, therefore depending on your ability, increase your meditation time as days go by.

Place your timer next to you, close your eyes (just so you don’t wander and distract yourself) or you can leave them open depending on how your concentration is, while slightly looking downwards and focus on your breathing.

  1. Breathing

Tune yourself to inhaling  with your nose and exhaling through the mouth and let your breathing be as natural as possible. There’s no formula when it comes to the breathing. As long as it’s as normal as possible.

Focus on your natural breath flow as It leaves and enters your body. Matter of fact, listen to it. Click To Tweet
  1. Wandering

During breathing, you will start to notice your mind Is thinking of other things, this is natural and it will occur more times than you would love. Slowly and gently bring yourself back by focusing on the movement of air to and from your body.

Once your alarm goes off, sit in silence and soak in the peace. And in those few minutes of tranquillity, you’ve rid yourself of anxiety, stress and you’re now on a new journey to a healthier mind.

So just incase you’re thinking a healthy mind is a healthy body too,


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