Ahmena is an online platform for women by women, it was founded by Jacqueline Terry in late 2016 and has recently being re-launched to something better. Ahmena means women in our founder’s Mother tongue and this magazine is dedicated to women, especially the African women.

This Platform aims to inspire, teach, encourage , uplift and help one grow though every aspect of their lives, it was created so that women can be able to share their stories as well as tips and tricks when dealing through life.

Think of this platform like your own day to day guide when you are dealing with this crazy thing we call life, we want women of different age groups to be able to relate on what we post and also learn and enjoy the articles that we put out.

So if you are reading this, please share this platform with your friends, young sisters, cousins, WhatsApp groups, workmates and more. We hope every woman who visits this space and/or our social channels is inspired and empowered in one way or the other.

Be Well. Live Well. Leave your Mark.

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