The first thing that i would like to share with you about me regarding beauty is that i suck at it, my friends know me for asking endless of ways and products they use to make their hair and skin better and they always give me tips but i just never get around to doing them, that is why i created this segment, to be motivated to do it by sharing what i learn daily through the internet and through other ladies that were kind enough to tell me what they use. Major shoutout to all you self less ladies who are not stingy with the juice , we all know people who will never tell you what they use, “oh i don’t remember what i used , it was a long time ago, i don’t know”



So i decided to ask my twitter followers what are some home remedies they use for their skin,hair,nails, tongue,nose you know ,everything. And i got a lot of feedback on it and for today i will share with you these three that caught my interest, Special Thank You to everyone who sent me their remedies i will definitely use them on the next post .


Out of the three i had the opportunity to try one of them since my skin has been acting up as of late(Dry,flaky) i could not even use makeup since it makes me look like a pineapple. I looked funny and it was not a good look so i decided to try the avocado , turmeric yoghurt mask and my skin feels so much better and i think i will be using so much more of it. Thanking Brigitte who suggested this and the skin Gods for giving me this opportunity to shine.


img_4352-jpgWhat you will Need;

  • -Avocado
  • -Turmeric
  • -Yoghurt

*I added a dash of coconut oil just because it works wonders in everything.

Mash the required amount of avocado and mix it with two spoons of yoghurt and half a tea spoon of turmeric powder , you don’t want to over do it and end up looking like a talking orange.


Stay with it for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse on a kitchen sink (one that won’t stain from the turmeric powder) and wash your face with a warm face towel and voila, you have yourself a new glowing skin.



What are some homemade beauty tips that you and your girls do? i would love to hear about them and have them featured here for the next segment of #AhmenaBeautyPoint so please comment on it below or o our social media accounts @ahmenamagazine.






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