Ahmena Interview with JOCELYNE MARO 

There are so many beautiful young mothers at the moment and since we’re trying to add a segment written by a young mother  ( Email us if you would like to be part of the team ) it was only right we asked one young mother a few questions on motherhood and her career.

Jocelyne Maro is a mother,wife,model , career woman  and former Miss East Africa 2012/2013 and through out a hard working queen. When i sent her a direct message asking for an interview she was so kind and open to one and i was delighted to hear what she had to share with us. The interview was done via email , i hope the advice she gave out and her answers will get to inspire or in one way or the other speak to another woman.

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How/ When did you come up with the decision that it’s the right time to have a child? 

I  always knew that I wanted to start a family young and I kept praying for that & for the right person to share that with. When I got pregnant, it was a very nice surprise! At first, I wasn’t fully mentally ready but as time went on and also because of the support I had I found myself getting more & more excited . I don’t believe that you can actively “plan” to have a child, only God can decide on the right time“. Kids are a gift from God.

How do you manage being a mother , wife , model and your Day Job?

Balance and Top-Notch Planning.

What would your advise to young mothers be?

  1. Take it one step at a time, don’t panic
  2.  If you need help, ASK for it.
  3. You might not be in love with your child immediately after you give birth, don’t be scared of that feeling instead speak to someone about it. It might be just a phase or it could be the symptoms of something more. Don’t be quiet.
If you need help, ASK FOR IT! - Jocelyne Maro (advice to young mothers) Click To Tweet

  Has been a mother changed your perspective about being a woman?

Yes. I realised that there are some strengths within me that I never knew existed.

Having a child can change your body has it affected your modelling career in any way?

No it hasn’t. I feel like my body has only gotten better




What are three words that best describe you?

Versatile, Polymath & Fun

We always ask our followers this question , In one word , what does being a woman mean to you?


We want this platform to be relatable and educative to any woman and I hope through this interview we will be able to achieve that one way or the other and if you would like us to add anything more to the motherhood section feel free to write us an email ” info@ahmena.com”


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