Look out fashion industry! Modesty is the new beautiful.

As we celebrate the evolved fashion world, new breeds of Muslim bloggers are changing the face of modest fashion. Modesty is no longer boring as people used to think. From kimonos, to the abayas, to maxi skirts and dresses, a lot of thought is put into what these ladies wear.

These gorgeous ladies are re defining modesty in a beautiful way. We are crushing on some of our fave and here are the top looks we love so far:

  • Ameena Abdul (ameena.abdul) 
  • Yasmin Af (ya7ska)
  • Mimi Amina (mimiamina_) 
  • Irada (@Iradastyleofficial)

Indeed, these gorgeous ladies just proved to us that less is more. Being covered up does not mean we are oppressed. To get to a precious pearl you have to crack open a clam.



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