Beauty Hacks and tips to Try in 2017.

How many of you have  resolutions ready for next year? how may of you believe in making new year’s resolutions? i was one who always just went with the flow never really planned anything because once i decided to plan something i end up never going through with it for some reason. But i read a tweet from a friend few days ago that had me thinking and opening up to the idea of writing down a few resolutions.


As i mentioned on our previous beauty post i am not  biiiig on the beauty department but one of the resolutions Ii wrote down is to be better at taking care of my body ,hair and soul. So i went through social media and pinterest for a few ideas on hair, eyebrows, skin and more to try and see what i can share with you too. So here are beauty hacks i have for you to try in 2017.



Thin eyebrows are not cute have you guys ever tried to count the hair on your eyebrows and succeeded? no? well i did once and i think if you can count how much hair you have on your brows it’s time to let them grow sis. So i asked my followers on snapchat and a few beauty gurus gave me suggestions that i definitely have to try.

  1. Stop Tweezing.
  2. Mix and apply coconut oil and Castor Oil every night and massage it into your eyebrows.
  3. Apply and massage your eyebrows with Vaseline.

Thank you Daisy, Telanore and Michelle.


Tips are cute and very classy but sometimes you just want your nails to grow and not break by just the sight of water, who else has nails that break for no reason? my nails are a good example of a fuckboy “they grow make you feel special and cute and when you least expect it? They decide they want out and just break “


So  I found an article online that has enough tips on how to grow your nails and strengthen them. It talks about the type of food to eat to what type of oils to use and other home remedies for healthy nails. Read all about it here.


This is for my natural hair sisters or those who want to transition to natural hair. I found some great East African  bloggers and natural hair enthusiasts that I think you should follow when you need  help with anything and everything natural hair .


@sheilandinda @kurlykichana @kipilipili.comtz @abeenaturals 


It’s all fun and games until you’re wearing a cute sleeveless top and you can’t be free because of dark underarms. I could testify on this oh so well,you’ll be chilling and a friend would wave at you and you’ll be there pretending you’re queen Elizabeth with the classy wave….


Good news is they’re ways to prevent dark underarms as well as home remedies to at least have them back to its original color.

  1. Stop using deodorant.
  2. Mix cucumber and lemon and apply on your underarms daily.
  3. Reduce the amount of times you wear tight clothes and let your underarms breath
  4. Stop Shaving and try waxing and/or laser hair removal.
  5. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar daily . *Do this for a few weeks to see change *

So what are other beauty tips and hacks you’ve tried and  have worked  and you would like us to share? Let us know by commenting below.

May your glow get brighter and better in 2017. Cheers



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