Being the side chick

Whether he is married…dating some other woman,we as women/girls may or may not hold the notion that “aaah, I will make him mine..he will fall for me and maybe leave her”


Ever been in a triangle of you (the side chic), the girlfriend and the baby mother?We truly are stubborn women.

It’s all fun and games at first..he makes you laugh..
The adrenaline of sneaking around and having that sexual tension that only you and him understand..



The random meet ups at some lodge..some bar..the club..
Secret get it Zanzibar, name it..
And on top of it all, the sex is out of the world..


It goes south when “we’ yes, normally it’s the girl who falls hard and starts “demanding’
And that is where, my girls, we go wrong..
They (Him) know the right buttons to press..the right words to say.


You can be the strong side if you know why exactly you’re in this position.
Whether its for the money..a distraction from your own relationship..or just for curiosity reasons..That’s alright…well as long as y’all are careful and don’t get caught.


Well some lucky strong sides have managed to take the main chic position or get wife up even.
Who knows how it was planned for you to meet your soulmate…


Be the strong side..but don’t lose your way..
Know when to stay and when to pack up and leave darling!
It’s a man eat man world we live in..

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