Come Rain! Come Bad Mouth!

I specifically woke up like it’s my favorite holiday of the year, so I’m going to wear my flattering blue dress that leaves my legs much to the fascination of everyone in the streets.I’ll make a small detour at the market on my way to town, just to piss off a few men of whom my dress choice is at their “mercy”.


Okay? Okay. There’s a vegetable vendor who’ll hurl insults at me for pretty much looking like a street prostitute (to him of course, because get this, i still feel like a pink starbust). Did I mention I dyed my hair platnum blonde? Okay, so i’m a “mzungu” wannabe who also happens to radiate “low end prostitute vibes”. Wild.

This treatment has happened to atleast all of us at some point in our lives, especially growing up whilst trying to find your place in society, (as long as you’re not a man, or aggressive, chances are, you might never know where that is). And this is where exposure and emancipation comes in. That shell you keep hiding in because you don’t want to offend people with your dressing is how you morphe into someone you’re not.

Can we use our voices more often?

Let’s gather here for a moment, how about the next time a man hisses at you from across the street, you turn back, match up to him and demand he repeats what he said? (Your inner voice called me crazy, I heard it).
As a statistics myself, i’m here to promise you that people will only bully you as long as you’re quiet, timid and accepting, but the moment you’re David, trust  Goliath to scatter.  Don’t just give in to circumstances, sometimes ruffle your feathers. When that street vendor grabs your arm to force you to buy his stuff, try stop and boldly tell him no. No more running away business, you’ll not say “let me go”, instead you’ll share your very bold “No, i wont buy that” and you will free yourself.
I’m not trying to run a radical class here i promise, if all fails, please let your headphones be your bestfriend, but under no circumstance will you change your mind and head back home. Come rain, come disrespectful men, you will still win

No more running away business, you'll not say let me go, instead you'll share your very bold No, i wont buy that and you will free yourself. Click To Tweet



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