Mocktails are such a great way to keep up with a friend or simply refresh without zoning out, and what better picture perfect refreshing drink than a non alcoholic mojito.

A couple of cool spots serve the best mojitos but sometimes you want to enjoy this drink at the comfort of your own home and on other days you’re just looking for something fancy to go with the food you’re making.

Let’s face it, most of us are guilty of always ordering the same delicious tall glass of mojito each time we’re at the beautiful Cape town fish market (my Dar-es-Salaam people, I see you), so on days when you’re just at home, here’s a simple way to make your own.

What you need:

Club soda

10 to 12 Mint leaves

4 Lemon slices

splash of lime juice

Ice cubes

2 tablespoons Sugar

Now wear your master hat in advance, because that’s exactly who you’re going to be after you’re done creating this mix.


Throw your mint leaves into the glass followed with sugar and lime juice and mash the mixture gently to fuse these ingredients together. Toss in some lemon slices, ice cubes,  and finish off by pouring club soda into the glass and your mojito is ready.

You can get more creative by adding passion fruits, raspberries or any other fruits of your choice. Garnish your glass with mint leaves and a slice of lime and voila!.

Serve chilled and collect those cool points from your guests.



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