Dear Ahmena

For those who do not know me, my name is Jacqueline Albert Terry the founder, editor and writer  at AHMENA.COM


When i started this magazine i realised i did not get the chance to properly introduce myself to you guys as well as my entire team and a little history on Ahmena, why i started it , what it means and more.

I dedicate this magazine to my mother Beatrina who has taught me alot about life with just her actions over the past few years, my young sister Judith,my closest friends who are always supportive of this magazine and to every single woman out there, most importantly women of color.


Ahmena means WOMEN in my Mother’s Mother tongue ( My Mom is Mmbulu) the right spelling for this word is “A’amena ” but due to autocorrect when i first asked my mom to type it down for me i ended up using it like this after twisting it around and i love it better this way and in my mind it still means the same thing. “WOMEN” and i hope you do too.

AHMENA means WOMEN. Click To Tweet

If you know me personally then you probably know how much helping another person makes me whole and this is exactly the reason why i needed and wanted to have a women’s magazine. I want this space to be a place that every woman can relate to in one way or another through every article we post , i want this space to be a place for women to learn to love themselves, learn business, learn to be better humans , learn and grow through so many aspects of life and i want this space to be a space that does not judge but educate.


I want us to talk about anything and everything that makes us humans, women, mothers, friends. Sometimes the articles we publish may be too RAW and some of you may not agree with them but that does not mean we can not correct each other, have conversations about them.

I want this space to be a place for women to learn to love themselves, learn business, learn to be better humans.. Click To Tweet

I have two permanent female writers Zainab and Valentine, i would like to personally thank these two beautiful and talented ladies who are more than just writers but full time part of the team, they help me come up with ideas on how to make this platform better and bigger and for that i am forever grateful to them. Another special THANK YOU to my other female writers, sthefairefllipper ( pseudonym) Habiba Orsud, Melba Sandi, Winlady Bernard,Neema-Jodie and all the other writers who would want to be a part of Ahmena and share their well written , educative articles that range from sex, self help ,political,social and economical views and more. Bless You All Abundantly this magazine won’t have happened without your contribution and we are open to suggestions on how to make this platform better and the best. Just leave your thoughts through our social media accounts @ahmenadotcom or drop us an email at


Lastly i would like to Thank every single one of you that has shared and read our articles i get so much positive feedback it is overwhelming and motivates me to be better and give you guys the best there is out there and to the brand that first believed in us though we were only two weeks in NCF , Dada Carol ( Happy Belated Birthday and Thank YOU, you are an inspiration)


We live in a world that is getting worse as days go by and when the time comes that i have to leave this earth i hope i leave it with hope that i have inspired and touched a life or two in any way possible through what i do and i believe the whole purpose of living is to leave a mark behind and how and what you want to be remembered for mostly depends on you.

I believe the whole purpose of living is to leave a mark behind and how and what you want to be remembered for mostly depends on you. Click To Tweet

So think about that while entering 2017 . Learn to love yourself because through that you will get to learn how to treat others, demand the respect you deserve and so much more and never stop learning and unlearning , growing, making mistakes , taking risks in business,love and life in general because through that you will truly learn and grow.

          One of my favourite quotes is this one below from Maxine Shaw


Never stop learning, growing,making mistakes,taking risks in business,love and life in general. Click To Tweet

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year . 


With LOVE Always,

Jacqueline Albert Terry

Founder of AHMENA.COM



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