Feminists you should follow

The year is 2018, and thanks to the internet, we can draw inspiration and get moved by people who are not in an arms reach. This also means that when we are short of desired company or tribe, we can always channel one online. As women , we are always looking for understanding from our fellow women. So before you scroll down your feed with perfect ass, flat tummy and happy faces, Check out these feminists and let them be your online sisters.

1.Ijeoma Umebinyuo. ( @theijeoma )

You guessed it right, she is our soul big sister, Not because she is a Nigerian poet who started writing at the age of 7, but also because she pushes us to do so much and be so much. In her book of poems “Questions for Ada” , she poses us with questions that take actions for answers, with moving on and speaking up and standing up. Ijeoma is also an epitome of hope, she weeps with us on some days and on others,  gives us hope on healing and being woman. She also understands the different challenges in being not just a woman, but a woman of colour, and how she tackles them head on is what makes her even more admirable.

2.Ijeoma Kola ( @ijeomakola )

To be woman is one thing, to be woman and black is another thing. The Nigerian bombshell, who is a PhD candidate in social-medical sciences and also runs a successful blog on beauty, style and relationship tips, says she is thriving at the intersection of beauty and brains. We all know how that’s not so much of an easy place to flourish but she shows us how it’s done, and with grace. Ijeoma honestly shares the challenges on her blog and is a prototype of many women especially the working class.

3.Carol Ndosi (@carolndosi )

Like Oprah but Tanzanian. Carol is a development enthusiast and a social entrepreneur.She is also a leader and a mentor to many of us. I must warn you however that she is radioactive and illuminates and inspires a lot of people around her with courage and daring positivity.Recently she was also awarded as the most influential female figure by the Malkia wa Nguvu Awards. Her #100DaysOfSheroes campaign on social media was a visual celebration of Tanzanian women making a difference, breaking barriers, and unapologetically excelling in their fields; and for this we are forever empowered.

4.Caroline Mutoko (@Caroline.mutoko )

A radio presenter with Nairobi’s Kiss 100 FM radio station, Carol is indeed that other bonus sister, all thanks to her endless efforts in encouraging women to not only believe in themselves but speak up and be heard. Her YouTube channel is full of uncensored and In depth conversations and advice on everything life, with our favorite segment being that on women and mental health issues with the  “Quit average attitude” video being a personal go-to. Carol does not sugar-coat,she spells it all out for you. If you are going to cry , Cry! but the truth has been availed to you. 



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