Hey Sis, are you wearing the right bra size?

A cup, B cup, D to K we all have beautifully shaped breasts. We lovingly call them all sorts of names like boobies, titties, tatas and they are an integral part of a woman’s beauty. They are a woman’s babies, but are we really dressing them well and in the correct size brassiere?


Most women are not wearing the right size bra. Actually 80% of women do not wear the right bra size. And we can admit we have all if not most fallen victim to this. We tend to spend a lot on our outerwear than innerwear. A woman will buy an expensive bag, shoes but will be okay with not wearing high quality innerwear as no one will look ‘inside’.


If you look at the current market today, it is heavily flooded with second hand items commonly referred to as ‘mitumbas’. Companies like Woolworths have stepped in to bring good quality lingerie at a very fair price.  Most ladies with ranging from the A to C cup have been catered for. But the main focus today is for the busty ladies. The ladies that keep getting turned away because their sizes are unavailable.

   One such lady, Constance Tipis frustrated every time for not getting her size, decided she had had enough. So she and three of her friends decided to start a company called Double Dees Lingerie to cater to the women who have been blessed with bigger boobs.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with her for an interview about Doubles Dees and she shared some tips on what to do when shopping for a bra.

What’s the story behind Double Dees Lingerie?

We are four founders, Charity, Constance, Stella and Shiro. Currently two are based in the states and two are based in Kenya. We all met in school, three in high school, and two in University. The one thing we had in common is big boobs. We couldn’t find bras and every time we went to Woolworths, our sizes would be unavailable. So we opted for mitumba and the lady selling them would always tell us she does not have our sizes. So we sat down and decided to start a company to solve our problems, we applied for a couple of competitions, won some grant money and that’s how we started.

Before the inception of DD into the market, what were some of the struggles you were facing when shopping for a bra apart from the sizes?

When you are a busty lady in this country (Kenya) you only have two options. The cheapest bra you can get at Woolworths at the time was KES 5500. That was too expensive for a school going girl and even a working lady. And you will need about five good bras to serve you well. The other option was a second hand bra. And you would have to try it on top of your clothing, so there is no privacy. It was very embarrassing.


What are the key things to consider when shopping for a bra?

Before anything, as a default for most busty ladies are:

  • Does it fit?
  • Can I bend in this bra?
  • Does it have spillage?
  • Does it look good?

So functionality and look is key because you want to also feel pretty on the inside. In my words, if you faint somewhere and one is required to take off your blouse I would definitely want to have a good looking bra underneath.


What are the symptoms of a bad bra?

There are three tests you need to do.

  1. The cup test : For the cup test, if you have any spillage or uniboob when wearing a bra that’s a bad bra. A little cleavage is sexy but not when it goes POW! In our faces
  2. Band test : If the band is riding up and you can fit a whole fist, bad bra. It is so annoying to see a woman wearing a bare back top or dress and the bra is riding up her back. It is tacky, an eyesore and not acceptable.
  3. Strap test : If it keeps slipping off, it is wrong! Also when you have to pull the clasp all the way down to the front, the bra is ill fitting. The straps do not support the weight of the breasts, that should be the work of the band and cup.


Fun fact alert: Did you also know that wearing the wrong bra size causes saggy boobs. Yup you heard that right!

The straps do not support the weight of the breasts, that should be the work of the band and cup. Click To Tweet

What makes DD unique especially with the influx of ‘mitumba’ bras?

One, we specialize in a niche as we focus on size DD upwards. Two, most busty ladies never really find their sizes anyway so they opt for the next best option that is us. Our bras last for two years and that is a guarantee.

What’s the price range of bras in your store?

Our bras range from KES 4500-5500 (45-55USD)

Walk us through some of the experiences a customer gets when they walk into your store.

We believe in getting to know our customers. The bra fitting experience should be enjoyable and it should feel like you are at home because you are about to get naked in front of a total stranger, so we put you at ease.


The most important question we ask our clients is if they know their bra size. Majority of the ladies say they kind of know but when we go for the fittings which is totally free by the way, we get their correct sizes. Different bras fit a bit differently because of the styles, so if you find that you fit well in three different bras, then we know that is your true cup size.

Any campaigns that  DD has been involved in to sensitize women on the importance of wearing a fitted bra?

This year we have a campaign dubbed ‘Good friends don’t let their friends wear the wrong bra size’ running for the entire year. If someone has a group of women or friends, we bank on that. We teach you how to measure the correct bra size, deputize you as our fit ambassador and from there you move on and fit the next couple of people. And if people are still not sure about their sizes, we advice they come for a professional fitting to get their correct sizes.

Good friends don’t let their friends wear the wrong bra size. Click To Tweet

So ladies there you have it. Whether you are  small ‘’boobed’’ or endowed with breasts, it is important to find your correct bra size. Bras not only make you feel comfortable on the inside but also totally transform you on the outside. You feel confident and beautiful. So let’s get fitted!


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