How to use accessories to transform your look!

Accessories can either make or break your looks and can transform any basic/simple clothes into full on glammed up outfits! Don’t you just hate it when you put together a killer outfit, look at yourself in the mirror and you feel like…mmh, naaah there is something missing, something is just not right! It’s probably because you are accessorizing the wrong way!


First, change your shoes.

Toss the flat sandals and try out heels instead—I know I know, they are not the most comfortable shoes out there but trust me, they do the trick. Heels don’t only look good; they make your legs look longer and your body leaner. When you wear heels, your body shape responds by arching the back. Your backside may stick out while your chest presses forward. The contrast creates an illusion of a smaller waist and on top of all that heels give you an instant butt lift—I mean what more can I say??


Choose gold over silver accessories.

Gold just speaks luxurious and expensive. If you are on a budget and can’t really afford real gold jewelry, you can buy gold embellished ones instead like a gold embellished belt, bracelet, watch, and even rings. Gold especially looks super chic on monochrome outfits such as all black or all white combinations, gold accessories bring a certain spark and instantly calls for attention. A gold belt for example is perfect because it can be worn anywhere from the office to a wedding-it instantly dresses up any outfit, if you wear it on the smallest part of your waist just above your navel it cinches your waist, in turn makes your hips look wider and accentuates your curves.

Be wary of cheap and not so pretty accessories because they can make even the most expensive outfit look super cheap Click To Tweet

Go for animal print accessories like shoes and bags.

Especially leopard print. This specific print goes with every color, and is perfect for mixing and matching with other prints. If you are not a fan of animal prints you can start small by just hinting it here and there, for example a thin animal print belt, or a scarf tied on your purse or a pair of heels. It’s a good way to make your outfits fun and classic at the same time!


Dress up your casual outfits by carrying a STRUCTURED BAG.

“Structured” in fashion is something that has a lot of shaping and seams, and holds it’s shape. Structured bags have clear edges and flat surfaces. Because they are highly priced, you can invest in a good one with a neutral color such as black, white, brown, gray or nude. These colors match perfectly with all other colors so you won’t have to worry about the color of your bag clashing with the colors of your clothes. But for a pop of colour  you can get a bright/bold coloured structured bag like red, yellow, green, blue which are perfect for adding a bit of drama to a dull or neutral outfit such as little black dress. These bags make you look smart, which is perfect for formal occasions such as business meetings, and seminars. Because of their sizes you can fit your laptop and documents in the bag without carrying any extra bags.

You can also freshen up your outwear like blazers, coats, cardigans, sweaters even shirts by adding a brooch; an easy way of adding your personal touch to a rather boring outfit or your work uniform. Brooches come in different sizes, designs and colors and the best thing about them is that they are removable and can be placed anywhere. You can add a touch of glamour to your everyday shirt by placing brooches on both tips of your collar.


 These are just like a great pair of heels, because of their prominent position on your face, glasses are the ultimate accessory for altering your appearance. They come in sooo many shapes, colors, sizes and designs—it’s up to you really! If an occasion calls for a more professional and grown-up vibe like an interview or an important meeting for example, while donning a smart blazer and perfecting a hair up-do are all great ideas, wearing glasses is one of the easiest ways to transform your look from “fun”to perfectly “polished” in an instant. If you are going for a fun and casual look a pair of sunglasses is just what you need to get that cool factor; plus sunglasses protect your lower eyelids from the sun (and sagging lower eyelids are usually the first signs of aging). So sunglasses are not only fashionable but they also protect your eyes and skin.

If you are uncertain on what to invest in—either clothes or accessories—I say invest in accessories because they can make even the cheapest of outfits look expensive. But be wary of cheap and not so pretty accessories because they can make even the most expensive outfit look super cheap!




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