At liberty to feel hurt

You might  have gone through so much pain in the hands of  family members, closest friends, partners and even total strangers. It’s hard to understand why or how people who you trusted the most would betray you, inflict so much emotional and or physical harm to you, or how even the most random of strangers would use you in a way that would hurt you.


As you wait for time to heal you, you’re as broken as a million pieces of shattered glass. Most times you can barely eat, sleep, go outside or even want to take a bath.At times, you start to self medicate to put yourself to sleep, take away the pain etc. But Just so you know, You’re in the right path, , with a million others whose hearts have been broken so bad, even the thought of time healing them becomes just a mere concept at this point.


As you lay in your pool of sorrow, misery  and sharp chest pains, you’re bitter and with more questions than answers. So just  stay still and feel the crack.See that stage right there, that’s what validates your intentions towards the other party. You were genuine, and you were played.So now what? You accept it.


Feel free to wallow in your grief, and don’t you ever let people pressure you into “snapping” out of it. Your healing process is important and different from everybody  else’s; do  anything and everything that gets you through the day, except when it hurts you and those around you.

Your healing process is important and different from everybody else’s. Click To Tweet

Cut contact of any kind with that partner, friend, family member who’s responsible for your breakdown, cry as much as you want to, write about it, talk to your closest friend: be vulnerable. And If all fails, professional help is always the next best thing. (Yes, Africans, mental health is also a “thing”  and you’re encouraged to see a specialist )


Most of these situations are just temporary phases, so talk to yourself with the utmost kindness, you know, like  how you soothe a crying child? Forgive yourself for your naïve-ty, generosity and kindness. After all the tears, forgive those who hurt you too, although no one said anything about forgetting (just yet). You’re worthy of living pain free, you’re capable of forgiveness and most of all, hurt people hurt people, so heal yourself and break from this cycle.

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Forgiveness comes from a place of endearment and not discernment. Your life is a testimony, make it worth telling.


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