Sister Talk : Feminine Hygiene Tips you need to know.

When it comes to feminine hygiene concerning the “kitty,punani, her royal highness,vajayjay, madam vagina, Kitty, THE POWER ( pussy is power.. get it?)


So like i was saying when it comes to your kitty hygiene most of us shy away into discussing how to treat it right, personally i did not have someone who went ahead and taught me like do this or do that….. eat this or don’t eat that, it ain’t good for the sister down there. Even tho my mother tried her best to teach me the basics but you know how African mothers are sometimes, which is sad because we need to learn all we need to know at a young age about keeping our vaginas healthy, happy and more happy. We need to learn these tips from our mothers, sisters and close female relatives or friends because we need to treat it with care, tenderly, it’s so delicate and well a powerful tool!


Thank God for the internet we can search and find people from all over the world who have shared a few tips on basically almost anything! I seriously don’t know where most of us would be without the internet. I also love that we are slowly normalizing such topics because we need to, we need to discuss such things with our soul sisters when you are doing girls night or on your group chats Shameless Plug : share this link with them right now 😉 also with our younger sisters and cousins and so on because it’s important we learn about personal hygiene early on and have a healthy happy pussy.


Below are three videos from three beautiful youtubers talking about how to truly care for your flower and before you go right in to them here are a few tips we thought we could point out!

  • Eat clean foods ( i.e less sugar) helps with keeping the kitty odor have you smelling clean and healthy
  • DO NOT use soap to clean inside the kitty and/or anything scented
  • Wear cotton underwear, the more breathable your underwear is, the better
  • Pee after Sex (According to sis Jackie Aina)
  • Try sleeping without your underwear, let it breaaaath


Now for the good part, watch these videos on how you can have a healthy happy vagina! Please leave a comment below on this topic or if you want to add something to the tips we have shared. Please do not forget to share this article with anyone or everyone and PLEASE let us know what else you would like to read about in here. Thank You!


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