The perks of being a DIYer

Oh the perks of being a DIYer ( Yes that’s absolutely a word ) “Someone who makes, services or fixes things that are normally done by professionals in that particular field.” Being able to create things that i would otherwise not afford.. or would like to use the money for food. It has always been something i am glad i can do, from home decor, clothes , hair as well as fixing stuff, DIY is the cheapest way to go.


Here are some of the perks of being a DIYer


1. People think you have super powers: Pfff! I just glued paper on box.


2.You hold on to so much trash: What if you need it for your next project and it has already turned to ashes.

3. Everyone tells you you should pay someone to do it. : They do not understand that you actually need the money for food and…well food.


4. Going to shops you would probably never step in if you were a “normal” person: If i need nails to get this shit done , imma walk into a mechanic shop like i belong there.


5. Answering nothing when asked what you are doing : Because chances are you will have to explain to them how you are doing it and we are back to no.3

6. You always pray that no one sees your work in progress .


7. Or always calling them to when you get too excited and it looks promising

8. Someone hates you because something of theirs was the perfect ingredient to your DIY project


9. Pinterest and Youtube should literally pay you:You draw your inspiration there and also learn alot of things.

10. You really like your hobby and wouldn’t like it any other way : It’s a great pass time, saves you money & makes you money sometimes.




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