The single most important spiritual practice of being present.

Being awake, thoughtful and productive–Is A Result of Being Present.

Being present is about feeling, feeling it all: the happy, the sad, the anger, the peacefulness…because we’re dying Click To Tweet.

We’re all dying in these absolutely beautiful bodies we’ve been given, and we deserve to savor every second we’ve got.

Living life out of habit instead of being awake and present to the moment causes us to lose sight of all the things we’d truly appreciate. Being truly happy can only happen in the present moment. Our whole lives are a journey, we enjoy the ride by being present and fully aware in every NOW moment.

Practicing being present especially in this gadgetry age is tricky, but it is sooooo important, because when you are there it is great. Social media and the need to always capture shots for the gram can make you forget the power of the present.

Life struggles can also occlude the present. But intentional mindfulness implies your being fully awake, alert, aware and prepared to seize moments when the open door for opportunities come. We can’t see these open doors if we are not present.

The journey to healing and wholeness requires being awake and aware in the present moment. Healing sends the universe to ask; how present are you right now? Are your senses aware of your environment? Are you registering to what you are feeling? Are you breathing? I know air is getting in and out of your lungs but are you breathing?

Are you here? Are you living right now?




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