Voulez Vous

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ces soir?- says the vibrator

Ever just wanted to just cum with no fuss?
Only you know the right parts to be touched..
To be caressed….
How slowly you can stroke your vagina with no rush..
Gentle and slow thrusts..
Be it a dildo, the back of that make up brush (…yeah I know)
The sensual pleasure of feeling that orgasm start to fill up is everything..
Promising yourself as you rub the top of your clit
That damn…I have to do this again…
The moment of climax…where the pleasure overtakes your being…sanity..
Sensation so great you have to tighten your inner pussy muscles..
Cross your thighs..and hold that feeling inside..hoping it doesn’t stop..never ends.
Aaah..the pleasure of self-satisfaction…



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