What to wear for Nyama Choma Festival.

Nyama Choma festival is the biggest barbecue festival in East AND Central Africa. It is more than just a festival, it’s a place for people to showcase their business, a place where different brands get to come together and showcase their products, a place to kick back and forget your worries through sharing laughter , food, drinks and good music with friends and family and even meet new friends and acquaintances.It’s a place that showcases  great performances by some of the biggest artists in Tanzania to a huge diversity of people of different age groups, class, race and culture. And also it’s a place you can get to showcase your style through your outfits. It’s more than just a meat world, though the meat is mighty tasty.

The Nyama Choma Festival 2016 Finale will be on saturday, 3rd December at Leaders Club. Click To Tweet

The Nyama Choma Festival 2016 Finale will be on saturday, 3rd december in Dar es Salaam at Leaders Club. The tickets go for 10,000 tshs (500 kes) at the gate and for early birds tickets at 7,000 tshs get yours here ->  timetickets.net   and good news to all my university students the tickets go for 5,000 tshs when you present your (Uni-id) below is where you can get yours.

Now lets get to the great part of this post, i have put down 25 looks for you on what to wear next week, you have a week or so to look for an outfit and as always ahmena is happy to help you with that part. Some of these pieces are probably in your closet and you have never thought of ways to put them together so here are a few inspirations for you.


The most important thing you need to know when it comes to dressing is that any outfit you wear is just a piece of clothing that has no meaning or vibe , you should be the one to make the LOOK, by being confident in it and automatically the outfit will look ten times better. Trust Me.photo-23-11-2016-08-19-55

Not very long due to the location. Just the perfect Maxi dress length



Picture Source : Instagram ( fisayolonge,tosha_season,missenocha,kyrzayda_), Pinterest.


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